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Korean: Native Language
English : Advanced Listener / Speaker
Japanese: Advanced Listener / Speaker, Intermediate Reading and Writing


Programming : C/C++, MFC, GCC, xCode, Java, BASIC, MATLAB, R, Python
Applications : Adobe products (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere)
Platforms : Windows, OSX, Linux (Ubuntu, Debian), iOS development

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  • Ph.D. in Engineering
    Mar 2013 - Aug 2018
    Seoul National University, Graduate school of Convergence Science and technology, Programs in Radiation Sciences
    Thesis title: Attenuation profile matching: An accurate and scan parameter‐robust measurement method for small airway dimensions in low‐dose CT scans
  • M.S. in Medicine
    Mar 2010 - Feb 2013
    Seoul National University, College of Medicine, Dept. of Biomedical Sciences
    Thesis title: A developement and evaluation of the virtual CT simulation method
  • B.S. in Engineering
    Mar 2002 - Feb 2010
    Hanyang University, Major in Software engineering

Work Experience

  • Korea University Guro Hospital
    Jan. 2018 ~
    Research Professor / Senior Researcher
  • Techtoast
    System / Mobile web-app development
    Research assistant / web-design / application development
  • Wooridul MIT
    2008 to 2009
    as Developeer in R&D team
    PACS / Hospital (Radiology) Information System
    KFDA / KGMP License manager
    Software QA/QC
  • INFINITT Healthcare
    2006 to 2008
    as Developer in R&D Team
    PACS / Hospital (Radiology) Information System
    Server/Client programming / Distributed server programming
    Software QA/QC
  • Pentatech
    2003 to 2006
    as Developer in R&D Team
    GPS based FRP boat Navigation system
    Server/Client Programming

Training experiences

  • Visiting research
    Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, Jul to Dec, 2011
    As Research assistant
    Coronary artery detection / segmentation
    Siemens CT Reconstruction / Simulation
    Low-dose CT Simulation


Major Research Topics

  • CT Physics based
    Synthetic / Low dose CT Simulation
    Iterative Reconstruction Analysis
    Beam hardening estimation / reduction
  • Mathematical Application
    Sub-pixel image analysis (Thickness estimation) / Image Deconvolution
    Level Set Application – Registration, Segmentation
  • Automation system / Artificial Intelligence
    Schematic System Design
    Soft AI, Automata System Design
    Deep learning applications (Image segmentation, Classification)

Publications / Conference

Journal Publications

  • Yang ZP, Jin HM, Kim JH "Attenuation Profile Matching: An accurate and scan parameter-robust measurement method for small airway dimensions in low-dose CT scans", Medical physics, DOI: 10.1002/mp.13074
  • Yang ZP, Jin HM, Kim JH "Development and Evaluation of virtual CT simulation method", Journal of the Korean Society of Imaging Informatics in Medicine 2013; 19(1) 21 ~ 30

Conference Papers

  • KCR 2018, E-Poster presentation : How much the wall thickness of small airways changes at inspiration and expiration? : Comparison between COPD and normal patient group
  • ECR 2018, Oral presentation : A noise-robust and accurate measurement method for the wall thickness of airways in low-dose CT scans
  • KCR 2017, Oral presentation : How much the wall thickness of small airways changes at inspiration and expiration? : A preliminary study in low-dose CT
  • IWPFI 2017, E-Poster presentation : Noise-robust and accurate measurement method of small airway wall thickness in low-dose CT scan: a COPDgene phantom study
  • IEEE EMBC 2017, Oral presentation : A Novel High Precision Measurement Method for Small Airway Wall Thickness in CT Imaging
  • AAPM 2015, Oral presentation : Noise-robust and Accurate Measurement method of Small Airway Wall Thickness in Low-Dose CT Scan : A COPDgene Phantom Study
  • SPIE 2013, Live demo session : Realistic CT Simulator for Reduced Dose Imaging of DICOM patient data and Virtual Phantom Imaging Experiment
  • RSNA 2013, E-Poster session : Accurate measurement of airway wall thickness with a model-based line profile matching technique in MDCT
  • KCR 2013, E-Poster session : Robust and accurate measurement of airway wall thickness attenuation profile matching technique in MDCT
  • MICCAI 2012, Poster session (LNCS 7601) : Application of CT Simulation Technique for Virtual Fecal Tagging in CTC
  • RSNA 2012, Oral presentation : Dose Iterative Reconstruction CT Improve Lesion Quantification Accuracy? : A Phantom Study for Plaque Size Measurement in Coronary Artery
  • KCR 2012, E-Poster session : Application of CT Simulation Technique for Virtual Tagging of Colon Tumor and Feces and in CTC
  • AAPM 2012, Poster session : Realistic synthetic CT imaging of small numerical lesions with simple CT simulation model incorporating equipment MTF
  • IFMIA 2011, Poster session : Creating and visualizing virtual stereoscopic chest X-ray using 3D CT dataset


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